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Late summer offers exciting news from Carpentry Tools. 


  • New fixed discount system for all apprentices and students
  • Delicious new product news from NAREX 
  • Discount agreements when purchasing drawer pulls and cup hinges 

Discount scheme for apprentices and students from Snedkerutility:


As of today, we are introducing a new discount scheme that applies to all APPRENTICES and STUDENTS on relevant programs at the technical schools.

For purchases for a minimum of DKK 1,250, we give you a 10% discount and if your order exceeds DKK 2,500, we give a 15% discount. 


How to get your discount:


  • Sign up for our newsletter. At the bottom of the page you will find the registration form.
  • Send an email to and state which education and school you attend, and we will send you a discount code that you can use for the rest of the year when you shop in the webshop. 



Delicious product news from NAREX:


In the spring, Joiner's Tools visited NAREX at a large trade fair in Hanover and here we found many exciting and delicious novelties, which we look forward to being able to offer our customers at good prices. 


We are particularly excited about their new series of tuning forks “Richter”, which is named after the company's founder Václav Richter. The new tuning forks are in a class of their own and will certainly give the more expensive brands such as Lie Nielsen and Veritas sharp competition. 


The steel is Cr-V steel, which is hardened to 62 HRc, which makes the iron harder than, for example, other tuning irons that we sell on our webshop. 


NAREX uses CRYO technology in their hardening, which changes the bond in the carbon and ensures a sharp and particularly grindable edge. The design of the iron itself is completely new and the handle is made of untreated ash wood and nicely polished steel. 


We are super impressed with the quality of "Richter" and we look forward to testing them and being able to offer them to our customers at We have initially placed an order for 10 sets, which we have in the shop already from August, so check them out! 


NAREX also comes with a brand new brass target, a series of GENUINE whetstones and a nice leather apron.



Discount agreements for the master carpenter when purchasing drawer pulls and cup hinges:


We have chosen to carry Quadro 4D V6 drawer pulls from Hettich because of the superior quality and easy assembly. The rails are really easy to install and they can be easily adjusted in all directions. I (Søren Ulrich) use the rails myself and have only good experiences using them. 


The Quadro 4D V6 drawer pull-out can be mounted with an ingenious system called: Push-to-open-silent-close. When you open the drawer, you press on the drawer front, as with all other push-to-open rails, when you close the drawer it pulls itself into place as usual. soft-lock. So you don't have to push the drawer all the way in until it clicks, but you can just release it and it will suck itself into place. Very nice function.


As something new, we now offer price agreements with discounts on drawer pulls and hinges from Hettich. If you regularly use cup hinges and drawer pulls, contact us and get an agreement.


Have a good summer.

Søren Ulrich and Henrik Knudsen








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Søren Ulrich

Lærlinge rabatter gælder ALLE tekniske skoler i landet
Mvh. Søren Ulrich

Jan Vernersen

Nu kan jeg se at I har den rabatkode til lærling på NEXT uddannelser.
Hvad med os som f.eks. er lærling og tilhøre Skive teknisk skole?
Mvh Jan Vernersen

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