Guarantees hardness, toughness and accuracy 

NAREX BYSTRICE s.r.o. has a wide collection of hand tools consisting mainly of screwdrivers and woodworking chisels. 90 years of hand tool production has led to improvements in quality using superior materials, advanced heat treatment and also from the development of the tools' design.
The incoming raw material is carefully controlled to ensure that the output is a high quality product - a hand tool for a wide range of craftsmen.
Consistent monitoring of manufacturing processes and the final quality control inspection ensure customer satisfaction. The quality of all PROFI screwdrivers is supported by close cooperation with a German company SKG. The top quality of the "PROFI" tools is supported by compliance with DIN ISO standards, on which their entire production is based. These standards guarantee the hardness, toughness and accuracy of the part of our screwdrivers and chisels.