About snedkervergett.dk

Good craftsmanship is the passion

Carpentry is not just a craft - it is an art form that requires creativity, technical ability, an eye for detail and, not least, a love of quality materials and a good tool.

At snedkerværket.dk, we are inspired by the old craftsman virtues, in the form of time for reflection, care and authentic joinery tools, where both functionality and design merge into a higher unity. Our tools are therefore carefully selected, and with many years of experience in the industry, we have created a catalog of products that caters to both the apprentice, the hobbyist and the professional joiner.

About snedkervergett.dk

Snedkerutiljet.dk was created by Søren Ulrich, who, after many years of experience, both designs and creates high-quality furniture. This experience is also used to handpick carpentry tools that the next generation of carpentry apprentices can make use of. The tool is not only highly functional, but also pleasant for both hands and eyes, just as the joiner's tool can be bought at reasonable prices.

Because the price of tools is essential, for apprentices, enthusiasts and joiners alike. However, it is also important that your carpentry tools are of high quality so that high quality can be created. Quality tools last longer and feel better in the hand. If you have been involved in a piece of carpentry work, you may be familiar with bad and worn tools. You don't have to do that with us, as the tools are the same as those used in Søren Ulrich's daily work as a carpenter.

We sell both individual tools at a fixed piece price, as well as packages with selected tools for the apprentice and the enthusiast who wants to get started with woodworking. That is why we have put together several packages that meet all kinds of needs, even if you are completely new to the trade, know a little about it, or work with wood on a daily basis. So that you can make the best choice when it comes to purchasing carpentry tools, we have written a short guide.

Carpentry tools for the apprentice & master apprentice

As an apprentice, your tool must last for many years and, not least, be comfortable and efficient to use, so that you do not wear yourself out more than necessary, but can be in the profession for many years. Quality tools create quality products and thereby make the profession both more fun, as well as providing fewer frustrations and a steep learning curve. In trades, a good start is vital for the rest of your career, so we clearly recommend that you choose the quality tools, rather than the cheap purchase. We just created ours tool set, so you don't have to compromise on quality, but can still save money, usually between 10 - 15% compared to single purchase of tools.

As an apprentice, you have to decide for yourself which tools you want to buy in the first place and which you can borrow from your school or master. You can always buy additional tools that you will need later. If you want a specially assembled box with tools, you are welcome to contact Søren Ulrich, who will be happy to help you get started in the trades.

Carpentry tools for the hobby enthusiast

Working with wood and giving old furniture new life has seen a revival in Denmark in recent years. More and more people are jumping into smaller or larger hobby projects when it comes to working with wood and furniture. We value that at snedkerørgett.dk, as it has given the Danes a better understanding of good craftsmanship and quality products. However, many try to jump over where the fence is lowest - especially in relation to the economy and tools. This can ultimately result in poor workmanship, frustrations and new purchases of tools when they are broken or worn out prematurely.

Working with wood and designing your own furniture should be a good experience, and that is precisely why we recommend a package purchase, so that you are not left without a piece of tool, where the craftsmanship ends up in slightly too creative solutions. By purchasing our tool set, you save between 10 - 15% on your tools. We even guarantee their quality, so you can safely start working with wood and making your own furniture or repairs at home.

Carpentry tools for the professional

Snedkerutiljet.dk has helped several self-employed people start up. As a self-employed person, the quality of your craftsmanship is the most important parameter and what your customers will remember you for. If you choose to buy a tool from snedkervergett.dk, you can be sure that the tool is in order, the rest is up to you.

Maybe you have a favorite tool brand, or maybe you're looking for a new one? We are happy to open our showroom for companies and people who want to be self-employed, to have a chat about your new tool purchase and how we can best help you get started.