Bolus Extract 300 ml Red - Yellow - Black

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Bolus is a very fine type of clay that is used as a substrate for (indoor) polished gilding, e.g. for picture frames.

The red Bolus gives the gold leaf/struck metal a nice warm glow, and the fine clay leaves, if treated correctly, a very even base, which makes it possible to get a fantastically beautiful polish gilding.

Poliment gilding is a relatively difficult discipline and it is recommended to have plenty of time. Guidance is recommended if this is the first time you have to make one.

There are many opinions about exactly how Bolus should be used, for example you can make an excellent Bolus bottom with this recipe:

1L of water

100g harelim

300g Bolus

The ingredients are stirred together and heated over a water bath. Remember to stir during the process.

When the mixture is liquid, without being watery, apply/paint the chalk ring/surface that is desired to be gilded.

Instructions for use

It is recommended to apply three layers of Bolus base before gilding. 

The bolus base must dry completely between each coat and sanded with water sandpaper between each application and finally sanded with water sandpaper grit 1200 to achieve a completely smooth surface.

Now apply the gold leaf.

After 3 hours, polish with an agate stone.

If you are busy, you can use it "Red Bolus Acrylic" to make his bolus base.