Break-off knife SPP 9A

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Hultafors 9 mm All-round knife with folding blade

The SPP 9A is a robust tear-off knife for precision tasks in paper and cardboard. The knife's narrow design makes the knife widely applicable. Tapered tip for better access and control. Made of durable PC plastic (polycarbonate) with a steel core for extra stability. Easy to attach in the pocket with the removable clip, which can also be used to safely break off the blade.

Used to cut paper or cardboard.

Autolock function that locks the blade in fixed positions.

The angled tip can be used as a guide for measuring 45 and 90 degrees.

Easy to attach in a pocket or toolbox.

Symmetrical design - for both right and left hand use.

Total. length: 147 mm

Bladbredde: 9 mm

Blade length: 80 mm