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Whitewashing wax

Beautiful antique wax in white colour. The wax can be used on both lacquered and polished surfaces as well as untreated wood. The wood has a nice whitewashed structure, like a soap treatment, but is smooth and glossy like wax.

Content and production:

Nordin's whitening wax consists of white pigment (titanium dioxide), beeswax and odorless petroleum. The wax is produced at Les Freres Nordin in Paris

Can be used for:

Lacquered and polished surfaces, as well as untreated wood. 

Work Description:
  1. The wax is applied to the cleaned surface with a cloth/brush. The wax is very concentrated and must be applied in a very thin and even layer. If too thick a layer is applied, the wax cannot harden and will appear greasy.
  2. Let the wax dry for a minimum of 2 hours, preferably the next day, and then repolish with either polishing brush or polishing cloth. If necessary, place a cloth over the polishing brush for an extra glossy result.
  3. To achieve a completely glossy result, re-polishing can be done after 8 days.