Hettich Hinge Sensys - Softlock

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Sensys cup hinge from Hettich

Mounting plates and cover plates purchased separately!

Sensys is a real luxury hinge, which raises the quality in every kitchen or wardrobe. Along with ours small blue drill template  or ours Drilling tools for professionals assembly of the hinges becomes a breeze. 

We stock all hinges and deliver from day to day. However, you must expect a slightly longer delivery time if you order a larger quantity.

Find the right hinge:

The most common hinge is a external hinge which is used for most kitchens and wardrobes. The second most common hinge is a inlaid hinge where the entire door is inside the cupboard frame. The least common hinge is a semi-exposed hinge which sits halfway over the same cabinet side. See illustrations below:


udenpålagt hængsel


Indlagt hængsel



Halvt-overlagt hængsel


Sensys 110° hinge with integrated Silent System
Hidden hinge with click-on function
For floor thickness 15-25mm 
Diameter: 35mm
Depth: 11.6