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Furniture primer

This furniture primer is used for heavily soiled surfaces as well as for plastic coatings. It does not contain a polishing agent, so the treated surface will appear clean but not shiny. 

Instructions for use:

Nordin Møbelgrundrens must not be used on wax-treated surfaces, as the primer removes wax. Shake the bottle before use, apply the basic cleaner with extra fine Nordin Polishing Wool and wipe afterwards with a cloth. Then polish with Nordin Møbelrengøring/Polish on a small area to see if the result is shiny and nice the first time. If the surface becomes dull and 'creamy', it must have an additional treatment. If the furniture has previously been treated with care products containing silicone, several cleanings may be necessary. In bad cases, cleaning must be done 3-4 times.