DMT Diamond Whetstone - Double Sided


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Two-step sharpening in pocket format

The Dia-Fold diamond grinder is one of DMT's most popular products. This model has grinding plates on both sides with 2 different grains and can be used on all types of steel and ceramics, and the Hardcoat surface provides extra longevity. The diamond plates do not, like the ceramic whetstones, leave marks on the surface after use.

The diamond sharpener is collapsible and incredibly easy to take with you on the go.

You can use it to keep many tools sharp, including axes, kitchen knives, scissors and even milling irons (see video).



Diamond Plate Size: 110 x 22mm

Size unfolded: 241 x 22 mm

Ekstra-grov/Grov: Similar to cereal 220/325

Coarse/Fine: Similar to grit 325/600

Fine/Extra-fine: Similar to cereal 600/1200

Extra-fine/Extra-Extra-fine: Similar to grain 1200/8000