DMT Magnetic holder for Diamond Grinding Stone


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Duobase med Magnabase Adapter from DMT

Super accessory for your sanding plates from DMT, suitable for all Duo-Sharp and Dia-Sharp® sheets, up to 12 inches. Does not fit Diamant Whetstone kit (set of three stones)

Gives a nice clearance of just over 5 cm, which can be nice when sharpening e.g. knives or other tools where the blade is wider than the grinding plate.

The magnets are strong and make your sanding plate lie firmly and stably, and the Magna base's rubber feet ensure that the base itself stands firmly on the work table.


Size: 12.125 x 2.5 x 4.625 tommer

Fits all Dia-Sharp and Duo-Sharp plates.

Cannot be used with the W6EFC kit!