Boar hair, 250 g

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Cow hair is used in mortar mixtures in connection with grouting around doors and windows.

Cow hair is used to stir mortar mixtures in connection with grouting around doors and windows or when underlining roof tiles.

By mixing Fæhår in the mortar, the strength of the mortar is increased, as a network of Fæhår is formed in the mortar, which acts as a reinforcing mesh and the joint thus has a longer lifespan.

  • Raw material : Produced from cleaned hair from cattle.
  • Installation : Bags of 250 grams in shortened length.
  • Spending : 250 grams corresponds to approx. 1 hl. mortar.
    One sack of mortar 40 kilos = 25 litres
    For one bag of mortar, approx. 1/4 of the contents of the bag.
  • Mix : Mortar and Fæhar mixed with suitable water are mixed in a forced mixer for approx. 20 min., until it is plastic.
  • Soaking : We recommend soaking the Fæhår for a day before mixing them in the mortar to soften them, then they are easier to stir into the mortar.

The bristles are easily separable and do not tangle.

Additional use:

Mortar with added cow hair is used for grouting around doors and windows after filling with Kraka-Værk tar.
The joint can thus breathe, so moisture in the cavity wall and around doors and windows seeps out