Skovgaard & Frydensberg - Iron coin - Rust protection

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Iron coin, rust protection on linoleum paint.

Jernmønje is a linoleum paint that acts as rust protection.

Excellent for places where you would have previously used lead coin (window fittings, iron gates, etc.), as Jernmønje has basically the same properties, but is not toxic and environmentally harmful.

Can be used for:

Priming on clean iron before painting.

Job description (painting of iron):
  1. Sand off all paint and old rust. The iron must be shiny.
  2. Degrease the workpiece to be painted.
  3. Apply the clay in a thin, covering layer and leave to dry for 24 hours. If the paint is applied too thick, it will wrinkle, form runners and have difficulty drying.
  4. Intermediate sanding, if necessary, with fine sandpaper. Do not grind to the iron.
  5. Apply the clay in a thin, covering layer and leave to dry for 24 hours.
  6. Paint over with Linoleum paint or Grafitmaling. If outdoor gilding is to be done, then paint with 2 fine layers of Shellak before the gilding is done.
Cleaning brushes:
  1. Brushes are painted dry, for example, on a piece of cardboard
  2. Wash the brush out in a strong solution of Soft soap
  3. When the brush is clean, it is finally washed off in a strong solution Soap shavings. This makes the brush soft and extends its life.

The pigment used in iron coins is Hematite (Bloodstone). Hematite acts as an anode (just like a zinc anode on a scribe) and the oxygen (which creates the rust when it reacts with iron) thus attacks the hematite before the underlying metal.

When oxygen reacts with hematite (Ruster), the hematite changes a certain color during painting, but does not change shape or become porous. In this way, the painted metal can be kept rust-free for many years.

Hematite is an iron oxide, but must not be confused with other Synthetic Iron Oxide pigments. Hematite is completely free of sulfur and sulfates (unlike other iron oxides), two components that wash out under the influence of water and oxygenation of pigment and make the paint porous and thus destroy the rust protection effect.