Linoleic soap, Vegan 500 ml.

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Vegan soap.

Linseed soap is a traditional soap that is produced by saponifying cold-pressed linseed oil with "soft" lye (Potassium hydroxide and Potassium carbonate). Where traditional soap shavings are produced from coconut oil and animal fat, the fatty acid part in linseed oil soap consists of cold-pressed linseed oil. Since cold-pressed linseed oil is thin, the linseed oil soap becomes liquid, even though it is concentrated.

Linoleic soap was formerly widely used in Scandinavia. However, this changed in the 19th century in Denmark, when livestock farming exploded in connection with the sale of meat and butter for export, and there was a large surplus of cheap animal fat (tallow and slaughterhouse waste) which could be used in soap production. At the same time, colonization and international trade provide access to cheap palm oil and coconut oil.

All in all, linseed soap is largely outcompeted in the 19th century by lower prices for other types of soap and in Meyer's product encyclopedia (2nd ed.) from 1907, linseed oil is found as low as ninth place above typically used fat sources for soap production. However, linoleic soap continues to be produced to a limited extent due to its fine properties, and at Skovgaard and Frydensberg we still produce linoleic soap according to old-fashioned soap making principles.