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Wood oil for indoor use 

A wood oil that has a high linseed oil content and is free of fungicides and thus perfect for indoor woodwork, tables and the like. Indispensable when working with finer quality, restoration and woodwork. Indoor wood oil gives color and glow to both untreated wood and wood that needs a refresher. The wood oil is corrosive.

Available in Natural (colourless), White pigmented, Mahogany, Ebony, Teak, Gray and Medium brown.

Content and production:

S&F indoor wood oil contains Linseed oil, paraffin and siccative.

Indoor wood oil has an extra high solids content (linseed oil) of over 80%. The paraffin is added to increase penetration and make the wood oil easier to work with. The sikkative is a catalyst that starts the natural drying process so that the linoleum dries in hours rather than days.  

Can be used for:

Indoor woodwork. Both for maintenance, restoration and new coloring. For example table tops and furniture. In the kitchen, we recommend table oil 
But the Wood Oil can also easily be used in the kitchen (e.g. kitchen table or wooden bowls for food), however we recommend that you let the oil harden for a week before use.

 1 liter