Professional Ryoba sav fra Hishika

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Nice Ryoba saw in professional quality

The Ryoba saw works for deep cuts such as crosscut and ripcut. Ryoba the saw is one fast universal saw - ideal for depths across and with the grain. The saw can be used both in the workshop and on the construction site.

The blade is thicker at the teeth and gets thinner towards the middle. In this way, the saw is prevented from sticking in the wood during use. This feature is special for HISHIKA's version of the Ryoba.

Hishika makes saws of the highest quality for professional use. The entire blade is hardened and very slim. This means that it is not a saw for beginners, as the blade can break when twisted.

Blade length: 210 mm. 
Blade thickness at teeth: 0.35 mm
The thickness of the blade at the center: 0.25 mm