Socket iron with conical assembly

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Multifunctional tuning iron with replaceable handles and micro-phase

These socket irons from MHG are relatively large and their robustness also makes them suitable for carpentry work and deep recesses. 

The plinth irons come with 2 interchangeable handles - with and without hammering. The conical joint is precisely made, and means that blur can be completely avoided. It is both easy and quick to switch between the 2 handles. 

The iron's primary bevel is 30°. The micro phase increases this angle slightly. The length of the microphase is approx. 0.5 mm. With the larger angle of the micro-phase, the egg is strengthened, so that the tuning iron can also be used for heavy work. The side bevels are ground all the way down to the back of the blade, which makes it possible to get right into edges and corners when deep recesses have to be made.


Total length with handle (without hammer): 260 mm

Total length with handle (with hammer): 265 mm

Handle diameter at thickest point: 32mm

Blade working length: 85 to 93 mm

Blade length incl. plinth: 160 mm

Finish: Ultra-fine sanding and micro-bevel.

Hardness: Cr-V steel hardened to 61 HRC (+/-1)

Handle: oiled ash