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Wood tar oil

Wood tar oil is the classic choice for protecting outdoor woodwork. Wood tar oil acts as a natural wood preservative and is a classic on timbering and for classic ships. Gives a beautiful long-lasting emission and the right smell of "woodwork and tar".

Wood tar oil must not be confused with asphalt tar, asphalt tar does not have the same good properties as wood tar oil. The color of the wood tar oil is naturally golden brown, but is also available in an "extra black" in which black linoleum paint is mixed, which gives the very special touch that many demand for classic bindnig works idyll. The tree tar oil has it pure wood tar good properties but is easier to work with and dries up faster. 

Content and production:

The wood tar oil consists of wood tar and linseed oil. The wood tar is extracted from pine trees from the Swedish and Finnish forests. In "Trætjæreolie Extra black" black has been added S&F's Linoleum paint.

Can be used for:

Treatment of woodwork. Tar oil works best on unplaned wood. Used to prime closed joints in wooden constructions (pure wood tar can alternatively be used here)

Work Description:
  1. Prepare the surface so that it is dry and firm. The surface must be absorbent and preferably a little rough.
  2. Apply the wood tar oil with a sprayer/brush.
  3. The wood tar oil should not be too thick, it must not run.
  4. The wood tar oil is slow drying (1-2 weeks) and dries using air and light. Dark and stuffy places can take a long time to dry.

Wood tar oil can be tinted with S&F Linoleum paint. Use up to 20% linoleum paint.

Dilute with:

Wood tar oil should not be thinned. It is not recommended to work with the wood tar oil below 6O-10O C, as it will then be too thick and not penetrate properly into the wood.

Cleaning brushes

Brushes that have been used for wood tar will almost always have a slight scent of wood tar even after a thorough cleaning. Therefore, select a brush, broom or brush that is exclusively used for wood tar oil, e.g. a Around tjærekost, or rough effort.

  1. Brushes are painted dry, for example, on a piece of cardboard or a cloth.
  2. Wash the brush out in a strong solution of Solid brown soap.
  3. When the brush is clean, it is finally washed off in a strong solution S&F quality Soap shavings. This makes the brush soft and extends its life.

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