Forstnerbor Wavecut

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Sharp holes without frayed edges

Choose from the following sizes Ø15, Ø16, Ø18, Ø19, Ø20, Ø22, Ø23, Ø24, Ø25, Ø26, Ø28, Ø30, Ø32, Ø40, Ø42, Ø44, Ø45, Ø45, Ø46, Ø48 and Ø50.

If there is a size missing or if you need to drill a hole measuring half a millimeter, there is an infinitely adjustable Forstner drill bit.

Forstner bits with Wavecut technology are the best and most versatile Forstner bits on the market. Forstner bits are advantageously used for drilling precise holes for plugs, dowels and the like. 

You can buy an extension for your forstner drill and increase your drilling depth considerably